Asian Snack Bar
hybrid lecture performance, Feb.10. 2023 at Bacio Space, Bern, Switzerland, as part of Bacio Performance Day 2.0
In the 20-min long hybrid lecture performance, artist appeared as an anime rabbit, introducing several snacks and drinks she bought at the local Asian supermarket, sharing anecdotes, pop culture, art and history, as well as her personal stories related to the products with the audience.
performance opening 
course menu & atmosphere 
Instruction for Bacio Space about the lecture performance "ASIAN SNACK BAR":
a) At the physical venue, several snacks and drinks are prepared for the audience/visitors to observe, touch and taste. People who seem to be familiar with those snacks (my Asian friends who will come to see the performance) are also there. I hope you can share the snacks together and ask them about those snacks - Do you know them? Why it(they) are so famous? What's the story behind… They may or may not know. But It’s not about the answer, it’s about chatting to each other, sharing knowledge and pleasure.
b) In the online lecture performance (via zoom), a rabbit with a female voice will guide the audience through the virtual archive of the snacks they have seen in the space. She will talk about history and art, anecdotes, personal experiences, fantasy and bias. Everything is weird and virtual (distant). I Hope everyone can enjoy the information and image bomb, and at least you know something in the end.
This is the beta version of the lecture, in which mainly the snacks from mainland China will be introduced, except for one green Snack from Taiwan. The Asian Market consists of products from a lot of regions, what I know is only a tree of the whole forest.
Yours Sincerely, Fan.