"Postcolonialism brings/brought me here."
T-shirt, the person who wears it, various situations, 2022.
photo taken in Go Asia Supermarket, Hamburg, Germany. photographer: Li Anqi
zhaoyuefan was born in Wuhan, China and grew up in Beijing, China. 

She has been working and living in Germany and Switzerland since 2016. 

zhaoyuefan's artistic practice revolves around her experience of living as a legal alien in western countries ("why am I here"). Through video/sound installation, performance, writing, and prints/publishing, she interferes with daily life situations, de-/reconstructs existing objects and found images, digging into their contexts,  uses lightness to touch on the visible and invisible boundaries shaped by language, culture, identities and collective memories. Her works are a series of translations, transformations and transpositions based on the transcultural context, leading to reflections on the western cultural hegemony and its profound influence in today's global especially East Asian societies.​​​​​​​