Kinderszenen: how to slack off during piano practice
mixed media, installation, performance

Video (color, sound, 19'32''), music notes (Schumann: Kinderszenen), piano, piano bench, red velvet piano cover, two metronomes, kitchen timer, Chinese western music dictionary, framed photo, oil pastels, nail polish, a glass of water, a Franz Liszt’s hand cast and two Frederic Chopin’s mini statues.
Kinderszenen:how to slack off during piano practice (2022) is a performance of 13 acts, recreating the artist's childhood memory of practicing piano. For 20 minutes, the audience can only hear the extremely monotonous finger exercises, while the performer's movements on the piano are constantly changing. The tension between the piano (a large, heavy European classical instrument) and the performer (a small Asian woman) throughout the performance indicated multi-layers of patriarchal power structure in the society, reflecting western classical music education from a feminist and postcolonial perspective.​​​​​​​
performance (25 min) at ZHdK Fine Arts Graduation Show, Zurich, Switzerland, Jun 9,  2022.
video (color, sound, 19'32')