mixed media, installation, performance (2021)

A collaborative project by 
zhaoyuefan (China/Switzerland) Kenneth Ting Yu Lin (Taiwan)
Milena Schircks (Switzerland) Yui Yamamoto (Japan/UK)
from Transcultural Collaboration 2021 @one minute space, Athens, Greece
microwave~d is an experimental project including an immersive installation of a microwave shrine, an intensive performance of microwaving the audience, a microwave manualfesto, as well as a series of the microwave exercises.
microwave~d performance
single performance duration: 2'30''
total performance duration: 3 hours
performer: Zhaoyue Fan, Kenneth Lin, Milena Schircks, Yui Yamamoto
In the performance, visitors experience the intense transformation of being cooked. During 2 minutes of microwaving, a visitor is surrounded by the gaze of four performers, strong LED lights, moving images and high-pitched sounds in front of a sacred microwave-shrine. The feeling of being cooked when leaving the microwave is guaranteed.
microwave~d footage
youtube found footage
An experiment of how to use found footage to build a microwave device.

mirowave manualfesto
injekt on paper, 14.8 x 21 cm, 4 pages, 60 Exemplare
written by microwave~d group
edit and designed by zhaoyuefan and Kenneth Lin
part of the microwave~d installation