Chinese Name Series: A Chinese Name Workshop
workshops (group / individual)
ongoing practice, 2020 - 2022
A Chinese name workshop is zhaoyuefan’s ongoing practice since 2020. Based on the difficulty of pronouncing and remembering Chinese names most non-Chinese speakers have, which the artist observed a lot in her daily life,  the workshop is aimed to provide its participants with a glimpse of Chinese language and Chinese naming culture in an interactive way. The workshop takes place at a table stand in the form of an individual session. Each session (per person) is about 10-15 minutes long, in which the participant will create their own name in Chinese using the Chinese characters they chose corresponding to the pronunciation of their original names. Alongside the name workshop, the stand will also offer drinks with anecdotes, small talks about big issues, fortune telling, and a little zine about Chinese naming rules for the visitors to take and read.
workshop during the exhibiiton "das, und das au, und das au, und das au no"
Jan 2020, Zurich, 25 participants, duration: 1 hour.