OTOHIME: her royal highness is in the bathroom now
sound (1:00:00, loop), public toilet, spotify playlist, sticker
A female voice non-stop humming songs without lyrics for about 1 hour. Pop songs, folk songs, classical music, national anthems…all music comes from the artist's personal memory and represents her background and autobiography, some melodies you must know, some melodies you don’t : It’s about how music includes and excludes us.

The bathroom remains its normal function. Visitors can just walk in the toilet (on purpose or without), listen to the music for a little while. By chance they could recognize the melodies, or they never could.

The title of the installation, OTOHIME (sound princess) is a toilet product widely used in Japan: it’s a speaker playing music to avoid the normal embarrassing situation of hearing other’s urinations in the public lavatories. This sound installation could somehow also provide a similar function, while also related to various tales about ghost ladies in the house.