Chinese Name Series: renaming zhaoyuefan
name cards, 8 motives, each 100 copies, 2022 -, ongoing
1) Artist renames herself with eight Chinese names which all have the same pronunciation as her real name while vary in written form and meanings. She uses these names randomly in different occasions.
2) From Jan 2023 on,  artist has been randomly spreading her name cards with her fake Chinese names without telling anybody. In the end, all Chinese who got her name cards got her name wrong, and all non-Chinese speakers cannot tell the difference.
3) In Feb 2023,  artist asked AI (chatGPT) to see if AI knew about Chinese artist zhaoyuefan.She asked about all the eight fake zhaoyuefan in Chinese. As result, chatGPT generated eight totally different artist biographies - the eight artists who all name zhaoyuefan are of different genders, ages, and fields of expertise that can almost linked through the entire modern Chinese art history.